Working Capital

This product is created to arrange funds to MSME sector - a crucial component of the economy, in a time bound manner.

MSME sector of India is considered as the backbone of economy contributing to 45% of the industrial output, 40% of India’s exports, employing 60 million people, create 1.3 million jobs every year and produce more than 8000 quality products for the Indian and international markets. Despite the potential and significance, the sector is facing the many challenges in which funding is the major issue. We address this issue by arranging funds to the sector in a time bounded manner.

The funds required to run day to day operations of the business is called “working capital”. These are short term funds used to meet the daily expenses of the business. We arrange different products in this category to meet the needs of the MSME sector, Middle Market and Large Corporate segments.

Products under working Capital:

  1. Overdraft/Cash credit
  2. Term Loan
  3. Foreign Currency Term Loan
  4. Buyers Credit
  5. Letter of Credit
  6. Bank Guarantee
  7. Export invoice Discounting
  8. Export packing credit in foreign currency
  9. Import invoice Discounting
  10. Forward contract
  11. Foreign bill discounting
  12. Export receivables