Private Finance

Machinery reached the port but the loan at your bank is still under process? Your KIADB land allotment is done but loan with your current banker still under process?

Some other use cases:

  • Property value is 10 Crs whereas your bank has sanctioned only 5 Crs and you need money to fund the gap?

  • Your receivables came late and you need cash to meet a urgent requirement?

  • Your enhancement with the current bank is getting delayed but you need money urgently?

This is where our “Private Financing” product comes handy. Here are the main features of our offering in this regard:

  1. Funds are made available in 48 hours flat.

  2. Availability from Rs. 10 lacs to Rs. 10 Crs range.

  3. No collateral requirement.

  4. Minimum paper work.