Loan Against Property

This product arranges loans against properties as well as against rental income.

Loan Against Property

In some cases, a customer has properties but needs funds quickly at best interest rates and does not want his lender to monitor the end use.

To meet such needs, we arrange a loan termed as “Loan Against Property” where the end use of the loan is not monitored by the banks. This loan can be arranged against residential, commercial, industrial and vacant land as well. We also arrange loans to purchase commercial and industrial properties.

Lease Rental Discounting

There will be instances where the customer has steady rental income month on month and is looking for a quick loan at best interest rate without end use monitoring of the loan by the lender.

To meet this requirement, we arrange a loan called “Lease Rental Discounting” against rental income derived from the properties. This loan can be arranged against both commercial and industrial properties.